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Overprotective (Switzerland x Reader)
Lilli and you looked awkwardly at each other as you two were stuck in another one of Switzerland’s lessons.    He was rambling on and on and on about things he’s told you thousands of times like stranger danger and wild animals.
After a while you started to snooze off as the clacking of the chalk on the chalkboard became rather hypnotizing as you’d heard it so many times before.
“(Name)… (Name)! Are you listening?!” Switzerland yelled in your ear.
You yawned and rubbed your eyes.  “Yeah yeah I’m listening…”
“(Name)… what am I going to do with you?  You could seriously get hurt! You have to take these things more seriously.” Switzerland scolded.
“Yeah whatever…” You sighed.  Vash had never liked you talking to other people, he was your friend and all but he didn’t OWN you.  You wanted to meet some new people but he’d always drag you back with the excu
:iconcute-n1nj4:CuTE-N1NJ4 36 2
Table Manners (Allied Forces x Child! Reader)
Table Manners
(Hetalia x Child! Reader)
You watched curiously with your big wondrous eyes as America shoveled his dinner into his mouth.   He used his whole hands to eat the pasta that everyone was eating.   The dinner table was silent, only the clattering of cutlery and the grunting/squelching noises of America.    
You copied America and plopped your small chubby hands into the pasta; picking up each piece and placing them into your mouth while still watching America.
“America could you stop eating like a pig and learn some table manners?” England asked annoyed as he placed his knife and fork down, patting his mouth with a napkin.
“What’s ‘table manners’?” You asked innocently.
England finally noticed you making a mess of yourself and turned to America.  “Now look what you’ve done America!  Stop spreading your infectious ways to (Name)!”  England scolded as he stood up and walked over to yo
:iconcute-n1nj4:CuTE-N1NJ4 96 26
Orange Girl by CuTE-N1NJ4 Orange Girl :iconcute-n1nj4:CuTE-N1NJ4 4 3 Strawberry Girl by CuTE-N1NJ4 Strawberry Girl :iconcute-n1nj4:CuTE-N1NJ4 3 3 Watermelon Girl by CuTE-N1NJ4 Watermelon Girl :iconcute-n1nj4:CuTE-N1NJ4 4 6 Random Chibi Sketches by CuTE-N1NJ4 Random Chibi Sketches :iconcute-n1nj4:CuTE-N1NJ4 2 6 Saeko Busujima by CuTE-N1NJ4 Saeko Busujima :iconcute-n1nj4:CuTE-N1NJ4 3 0 Flower by CuTE-N1NJ4 Flower :iconcute-n1nj4:CuTE-N1NJ4 2 0
Hakuna Matata (Switzerland x Reader)
And here you were.  Watching The Lion King with Lilli.  She, of course, inviting you to stay over for the night.
How could you pass up an opportunity to sing Disney songs OUT LOUD?!
You sang as loud as you could as Lilli was giggling at your stupidity.   Vash was in the background rolling his eyes and calculating bills or whatever the hell he calculates.
You held your pretend microphone to Lilli but she was too shy and shook her head slightly.   You shrugged and kept singing.
~le few minutes later~
“I’m gonna be a mighty king so enemies beware!!!!” You started to sing as you flipped off Vash cheekily emphasizing ‘enemies beware’… without Lilli looking of course…
You then held o
:iconcute-n1nj4:CuTE-N1NJ4 91 35
Me in Hetalia Style by CuTE-N1NJ4 Me in Hetalia Style :iconcute-n1nj4:CuTE-N1NJ4 8 0 Untitled by CuTE-N1NJ4 Untitled :iconcute-n1nj4:CuTE-N1NJ4 2 0 Jade by CuTE-N1NJ4 Jade :iconcute-n1nj4:CuTE-N1NJ4 6 5 My Eye 0_0 by CuTE-N1NJ4 My Eye 0_0 :iconcute-n1nj4:CuTE-N1NJ4 5 0 Gotta Goat Fast! by CuTE-N1NJ4 Gotta Goat Fast! :iconcute-n1nj4:CuTE-N1NJ4 0 0 Lion Cub by CuTE-N1NJ4 Lion Cub :iconcute-n1nj4:CuTE-N1NJ4 3 5
Christmas Kisses (Free! Boys x Reader)
(Free! x Reader)
‘BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP!!!!’ You’re alarm clock practically screamed in your ear.
“SHUDDUP!!!!” You groaned and threw your alarm clock across the room.   You pulled the covers over your face and continued to sleep.  
After another 30 minutes you shot straight up in your bed.
“It’s Christmas…” You stated.
A huge grin then plastered itself onto your face.
“IT’S CHRISTMAAAAASS!!!!!!!” You squealed like a child and jumped out of your bed, quickly slipping on some clothes.   You had been so excited for this day because you had made gifts for all of your friends and you were DYING to give them to them.
You ran around the house trying to do your chores as quickly as possible.  Brushing your teeth, brushing you hair, throwing washing into the washing machine, unpacking dishes from the dish washer, opening blinds, feeding your pet etc…  
Once you finished you gathered up everythi
:iconcute-n1nj4:CuTE-N1NJ4 287 54

Random Favourites

Jellal VS Laxus Arm Wrestling Lineart by DH264 Jellal VS Laxus Arm Wrestling Lineart :icondh264:DH264 15 8 German Cross Necklace-Hetalia Fem!Germany Cosplay by FullMoon74 German Cross Necklace-Hetalia Fem!Germany Cosplay :iconfullmoon74:FullMoon74 22 19
Nanase HarukaXReader: Mackerel
“Are you feeling any better?”
You glanced up at your raven haired boyfriend from the couch; you were curled up in his blue blanket with a faint smell of fresh cologne and chlorine lingering about.
 “Y-yeah,” You lied, offering a weak smile at him, the sole cause of why you were suffering from the painful twists your sickened stomach gave you. You hoped Haruka wouldn’t see through you though, knowing how sensitive the quiet boy is.
The freestyle swimmer ‘hm’-ed, squatting to your level, as his blank ocean eyes, which reflected the color of his addiction, gazed at your lethargic (e/c) ones. Gingerly, he tucked a (h/c) lock behind your ear and parted his lips to ask a monotone question, coated with sheer concern,
“Do you need anything else?”
Slowly, you shook your head, presenting him another crooked smile, “N-no, thank you.”
Haruka exhaled, folding an elbow on the couch, resting his chin on it. You fought the blo
:iconxxtomodachixx:xXTomoDachiXx 208 52
Morning Troubles [Haruka X Fem!Reader]
Haruka was very hard to pull out of a bath in the morning. It takes Makoto not that long to do so. But (L/N) (F/N)? It takes her forever. She doesn't know why but it just does.
"Haruka, get out of the bathtub." (F/N) scowled at the male who was currently in the bathtub. He didn't pay attention to what she said and simply continued sitting there, as if she wasn't there at all.
She exhaled loudly. "Fine. Don't listen to me." She wondered how she can get him out of the tub and make them, hopefully, not late for school. She looked at her watch. Only one hour left until school started.
She stared at the male who was still ignoring her. She kneeled down on the floor and sighed. "Haru, I'll do anything if you get out of the tub."
He looked at her. "Anything?"
She nodded. "Yeah. I don't want us to be late."
He nodded and got up from the tub, stepping out of it. "Okay."
He kneeled next to the (H/C) girl, thighs just about touching. She blushed. "H-Haru?" she squeaked.
Suddenly he kissed her, ma
:iconnichijouevolution:nichijouevolution 521 240
Rin imagine~
You were in Rin's room at his house since it was summer break and you and him were playing (f/g) but you got bored after sometime. You sighed and just laid down on his bed, that's when he gave you that 'what?' Look.
"I'm bored" You replied
"What do you want to do?"
"I dunno,what do you have in mind?"
He gave an evil grin flashing his famous shark like teeth.  
He came towards you and leaned into you. This time he was ontop of you with his hand's by the side of your waist and his legs on the outside of yours, caging you in.
"This is not what I meant Rin"
"Oh please (y/n), you could've object since I was leaning in"
he smirked moving in closer to you till his lips were almost touching yours. He looked at you like you were a work of art his beautiful red eyes looked into your (e/c) ones
"You're so beautiful (y/n), I'm glad I got you before Haru did"
You blushed at his statement
"Me too, at first I thou---"
He cut you off and kissed you he just wanted to know that you agreed with him.
:iconchloem56:chloem56 143 7
Stay with me (Rin x reader x Sousuke)
You,Rin and Sousuke where heading back to your individual homes since it was the end of school. Sousuke and Rin were babbling on about something that you weren't interested in
"Guys..." You broke into their conversation. They both turned towards you signaling that they were now paying attention to whatever you were going to say
" you guys plan on doing in the future?" you finished off looking up to the cold grey sky
They both looked at each other and smiled as if they had already knew the answer
"I want to be an olympic swimmer" Rin confidentally said showing off his shark teeth
"Me too" Sousuke grinned
You smiled at how sure they were about their future "Thats great but what happens if that doesn't work out?" you hated being negat
:iconchloem56:chloem56 269 45
Rin and Haru in Australia Aiport Comic by TaffyDesu Rin and Haru in Australia Aiport Comic :icontaffydesu:TaffyDesu 182 28 Good morning -Savannah by Misspingu Good morning -Savannah :iconmisspingu:Misspingu 201 18 Mikasa, Eren, Armin by Karina-o-e Mikasa, Eren, Armin :iconkarina-o-e:Karina-o-e 398 85
Like in the Books (Armin x Reader)
I walk into the library, the scent of old books lingering in the air. This place always brings me to a sense of peace and tranquil... it is like my second home. I make a beeline to my preferred section: romance. Something I will probably never experience, mostly because of my shyness.
I check to make sure no one is around before I place my bulky (f/c) glasses on my face. I don't have the best vision, I don't like being seen in them so I use them only when necessary. Now that I can see clearly, I scan my index finger over the spine of each book the whole way down the row, looking for a book I haven't read yet.
"Hmm... no... read that one... Ah ha!" I spot a book with a dusk rose cover and the title is in pretty cursive writing. I take it off the shelf.
'This would be perfect to read under the big oak tree at the park' I think to myself.
It is my absolute favorite reading spot. The towering tree that sits upon a little hill... it is just far enough from everyone else where yo
:iconxxpandalillyxx:xXPandaLillyXx 55 33
Laxus X Reader Date
You dabbed a bit of lip gloss over your lips. Stepping back from the table mirror, you gave yourself a once over. You had a turquoise shirt on, with blue skinny jeans. Your (h/l) (h/c) hair you had left down, adding a little dark blue flower clip near your left ear. Smiling at your refection, you added some green and gold bangles to your right forearm, and matching dangly earrings. You walked downstairs and found the brown heeled boots you had decided to wear for the date. Slipping them on, you grabbed your handbag, which had your wallet, phone, keys and camera. You sat down on the bottom step of the stair case and waited for your date to arrive.
Five minutes later your door bell rang. Opening it, you saw your boyfriend of four years. You smiled at him, taking in his scruffy jeans and white shirt. His blonde hair was messy, but you could tell he had ran a brush through it.
"Laxus!" You greeted, hugging him. He smiled, and returned the hug. You stayed in his embrace for several moments,
:iconshadowzaraki:ShadowZaraki 168 104
Spiegellos by CrazyCat96 Spiegellos :iconcrazycat96:CrazyCat96 74 23
Spring (Laxus DreyarxReader)
Today the sun was shining over Magnolia, the first day of spring had arrived and you were excited as you zigzagged through the streets until you had reached your precious guild.
Bursting through the large doors you had good mornings called out to you, with a quick reply to each person and a wave to Mira you thumped up the stairs until you had reached the second level.
“[Y/N], you’re being too noisy,” Laxus grumbled with a scowl, cracking one eye open to look at you from his usual armchair.
“Guess what today is Laxus,” you chirped, ignoring his grumpiness.
“How should I know?” He retorted.
“It’s the first day of spring silly,” you exclaimed, grinning.
Your words caught his attention and he sat up. Alert and staring at you for a moment.
“Already?” He asked in an undertone as he pulled himself out of his armchair and made his way past you, “let’s get going then,” and without waiting for you he
:iconjordypye:Jordypye 220 9
Laxus Dreyar by Xela-scarlet Laxus Dreyar :iconxela-scarlet:Xela-scarlet 171 12 Gruvia - Stolen Bride. Ep.163 by SweetLotos Gruvia - Stolen Bride. Ep.163 :iconsweetlotos:SweetLotos 284 37
Natsu x reader x Laxus part 1
( This story is going to start off when everyone in fairy was younger XD)
~10 years ago~
Another fight broke out between Gray and Natsu. You sighed as sat at a table next to Erza, whom didn't feel like breaking up the fight this time, as she was too busy eating her cake. And you were sane enough not to disturb her.
"Gray, you're clothes." Cana said,
"Not again!" You  shifted slightly and moved your sights to the door, not much there. Your (e/c) eyes went all over the guild hall, until your eyes landed a blonde. His name was Laxus Dreyar, he was the grandson of Makarov Dreyar. He was a nice boy, whom admired fairy tail greatly and was always by his grandfather. You smiled softly of how cute he was, he was always by Makarov's side, with a big smile on his face.
Though of course you would never say this out loud, not like you said much out loud to begin with. You were very quiet and withdrawn. Writing down your thoughts on paper. You happened to write a lot. You only talked to Erza o
:iconviolenceisbeauty:Violenceisbeauty 219 19


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